10 free chemistry - vegan, cruelty free, non toxic nail polish

About Our Nail Products

10+ Free Chemistry is hyper-focused on creating products which are natural, non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free and deliver the highest quality and performance.  The first series of products in its line, 10+ Free Clean Nail Color and Treatments, are designed according to this philosophy and deliver an unparalleled experience – a plant based and 21+ free product with 10+ days of wear, and proprietary peptide-enhanced nail nourishment benefits. 

10+ Free Chemistry’s proprietary Nail-NRGY Bio Peptide Complex™ contains all the nourishment and moisturizing ingredients necessary to significantly improve nail appearance and restore health to your nails inside out.  All of this performance comes with amazing trend-forward colors you would expect to add luxury, fun, and excitement to your every day AND special days.

Clean Nail Care

Our Commitment is to be transparent with what is in our products and to remain 21+ free of:

Formaldehyde  Triphenyl Phosphate
Toluene Ethyl Tosylamide
Dibutyl Phthalate Xylene
Formaldehyde Resin Guanine
Formaldehyde Donors Carmine
Camphor Gluten
Lead Methylisothiazolinone
MEHQ Mineral Oil
Parabens Styrene
Bisphenol A Nonylphenol Ethoxylate
Acetone Sulphates


Significantly Improves Overall Nail Appearance
Nails are Thicker, Stronger, & More Flexible
Chip Resistant, High Gloss & Long Wear